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Cairo International Airport is the mainstay of EgyptAir, as well as being the busiest Egyptian Airport. Cairo Airport is located towards the north-eastern part of the city and about 15 kilometers from the heart of the City’s business area. 

It is administered together with other airport facilities by EHCAAN or the Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation. Management is through contractual arrangements, currently held by Fraport AG. Started as a naval base, it was after the Second World War that Cairo Airport started to take shape. After the American Forces commanding the base had left after the end of the war, it was taken over by the Civil Aviation Authority for global civil aviation purposes. It was in 1963 that Cairo International Airport earned its title after replacing Heliopolis, the old airport, located along the Hike-Step region in the eastern part of Cairo. 

By 2009 Cairo Airport was able to serve about 14.4 million passengers, a sizeable percentage increase from the previous year. It also handled about 143,000 movements of aircrafts in the same year, also a strategic increase from the previous year. The tonnage of airfreight passing through the airport was about 275,000. Amidst this statistics, Cairo Airport still comes second in Africa in terms of busy airport activity. 

There are more than 65 airlines using the airport, as well as nine cargo and charter airline. EgyptAir has the largest chunk of operations in the airport taking up to 61 percent of all departure slots. After EgypAir was assimilated into the lucrative Star Alliance carrier, Cairo Airport has been poised to become the chief hub of major destinations from Africa, Europe and the Middle East, since it has A380 facilities among other major utilities.

As the airport continues to grow in terms of passenger and air traffic, it is in constant development to sustain these ever rising needs
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Cairo Airport Contact

Cairo International Airport Address: Oruba Road, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Tel :  + (202) 226 55000  Fax : + (202) 226 53214

Airlines AT Cairo Airport 

Tel: + 2454400 /5099   

Airport Sales Office:

Fax: 2453861
Tel:  2454400 /2441460
Tel:  4183690
Tel:  4182818 /2454400
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